My name is Hajime (Haj) Kenneth Murakami, and I am cofounder and COO at a mobile software startup. We are currently in stealth.

I am also an advisor at Treasure Data and an investor in Prodigy Software. I am one of the maintainers of Fluentd, and a nano-scale Ruby-lang contributor.

Prior to my current role(s), I held positions in Product Marketing and Product/Project Management at Invensense, polymer chemistry research at Denso Research Laboratories, and flexible semiconductor research at HP Labs.

I studied electrical engineering (semiconductor physics) at Princeton University and materials science at Cambridge University. I miss science a lot.

My blogging agenda is to share my thoughts and experiences I've had in my career -- as a science researcher, bigco peon in Japan, pre-IPO startup employee, cofounder, and investor -- in the hopes that you might learn a thing or two from my lessons.

I'm always open to meeting people. You'll find me most often in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, but I visit New York and Boston a few times a year. Shoot me a message about anything on Twitter @hkmurakami or email me at "me at $thisdomain".