Companies talk up how important customer success is to their business. But they are rarely treated as first class citizens.

Amongst nontechnical roles, customer success is often seen as being below product or marketing, both by the organization itself and by applicants. As a litmus test, how many mba students have you seen gunning for customer success positions?

So if a company verbalizes that customer success is just as important as product or marketing, what I want to see is consistency. I want to see them compensated equally, and I want to see them get an equal say at the table. Talking up the team without actually going to bat for them is just demoralizing.

So given this backdrop, I was surprised to see a company publicly list equal pay for its customer experience lead and product marketer. If I were a customer success applicant, I now know that the company really gives a damn about my role.

Kudos to Seneca Systems for putting their money where their mouth is.

Same applies to satellite offices, Field Application Engineers, and the like
I have no affiliation with Seneca Systems.