There was a discussion about the ongoing decline of web display advertisements on Hacker News today, and one comment caught my attention.

There have been a few times I've seen an ad on a website that looked like it was for something I wanted, and wanted to click it.

The problem is that I pretty much ignore the ads while I'm reading the page content, and so I only noticed these ads when I'd finished the content and clicked a link to leave the page, and my eyes are wandering while I wait for the new page to start loading. I click back to try to get back to the ad, and something else has taken over its spot. I might refresh a few times to try to get the desired ad back, but that has never worked for me.


I've had this problem occur to me many times. I've reloaded a page 10+ times in an effort to get the original ad to load, usually to no avail. This HN'er and I can't be alone in having had this experience.

Is there a way we could somehow get the original ad to load if the user desires? The HN discussion also brings up the fact that both click through rates and CPC are declining. In contrast, users actually wanting to click the ad and see the product should have very high signal fidelity and intent.

If my browser had a "load previous ads" feature, I would use it a handful of times a month. Multiply this by a possibly very large number of users, and this could possibly have a nontrivial effect.