Towards the beginning of 2013, I recieved a request from a reader for a book review of the books I had read in 2012. I never did get around to this, but I thought I'd instead list and write a little bit about the books I've read in the first half of this year. I've written one liners for the books that I thought were particularly interesting or well written.

Japanese Books are marked with (J).

  1. Republic Lost - Lawrence Lessig:
    The first book I read this year has also been the most important. A seminal book on the corruption of the US Congress.

  2. iWoz - Steve Wozniak:
    A must read for an engineering geek. A pass otherwise.

  3. The Giver - Lois Lowry:
    Reread. As good as I had remembered it, from 15+ years ago.

  4. Fixing the Game - Roger L. Martin

  5. (J) Perfect Blue - Miyuki Miyabe:
    A heartwarming, fun and light mystery novel.

  6. The Bonfire of the Vanities - Tom Wolfe:
    Incredible storytelling. Genre-defining.

  7. (J) Trinity Blood - Sunao Yoshida

  8. What Money Can't Buy - Michael Sandel:
    Insightful, given the trend for seeing everything from an economic perspective lately.

  9. A Farewell to Arms - Ernest Hemingway:
    Gutwrenching and heartbreaking. No wonder they call it a masterpiece.

  10. (J) Half Moon Series vol 2 - Tsumugu Hashimoto

  11. (J) Half Moon Series vol 3 - Tsumugu Hashimoto

  12. (J) Half Moon Series vol 4 - Tsumugu Hashimoto

  13. (J) Half Moon Series vol 5 - Tsumugu Hashimoto

  14. (J) Half Moon Series vol 6 - Tsumugu Hashimoto

  15. (J) Half Moon Series vol 7 - Tsumugu Hashimoto

  16. (J) Half Moon Series vol 8 - Tsumugu Hashimoto

  17. (J) The Blind Spot of Veiss - Housuke Nojiri:
    Space SF of the classic kind.

  18. (J) The Equation that the Professor Loved - Yoko Ogawa:
    Every character is a kind, charming soul.

  19. (J) The Dragon Sleeps - Miyuki Miyabe:
    Yet another great yet light weight mystery from Miyabe.

  20. (J) The Night Ferris Wheel - Kanae Minato:
    Depicts the imperfections of Japanese families exquisitely.

  21. (J) How They Lived Death - Shigeaki Hinohara

  22. (J) Wheel of Fire - Miyuki Miyabe

  23. (J) Divided Front - Kanata Takase

  24. Lester Land - Lawrence Lessig:
    A light weight version of Republic, Lost. A good primer book on the subject.

  25. The Perdators' Ball - Connie Bruck:
    Great reporting, poor storytelling.

  26. The Will to Lead - Marvin Bower

  27. (J) Only You Can Hear - Otsuichi

  28. (J) Genshoku Edo Goyomi - Miyuki Miyabe

  29. (J) Hatsumonogatari - Miyuki Miyabe

  30. Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury:
    Reread. Didn't realize how riveting this book is the first time around.

  31. Free as in Freedom - Sam Williams:
    For Free Software aficionados.

  32. The Cathedral and the Bazaar - Eric Raymond

  33. Gathering Blue - Lois Lowry

  34. The Messenger - Lois Lowry

  35. Deadeye Dick - Kurt Vonnegut

  36. Bluebeard - Kurt Vonnegut

  37. South of the Border, West of the Sun - Haruki Murakami:
    The traslator does quite a good job yet still couldn't capture the original's air completely. Shows just how hard translations are to get right.

  38. The Time Machine - H.G. Wells:
    Unbelievable that this could have been written before 1900.

  39. The HP Way - David Packard:
    Proof that HP has strayed far from its roots.

  40. Sirens of Titan - Kurt Vonnegut:
    The best (and least strange) Vonnegut book I've read so far.

  41. The Dog Stars - Peter Heller:
    Desolate yet somehow charming postapocalyptic SF novel.

  42. The Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow - Cory Doctorow

  43. The Road - Cormac McCarthy:
    The most masterfully depressing book I have ever read.

I have a stretch goal of reading 100 books this year but it's somewhat unlikely I'll get there since I'll be busier in the fall. It's been great being able to read a wide variety of books so far this year though.